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Cimarron Telephone – $5,492,137 ReConnect Grant

Cimarron Telephone will utilize RUS grant funding to deploy fiber-to-the-premises broadband service to a total of 129 locations in Creek County, Oklahoma. This project will allow unserved and underserved citizens in these communities access to state of the art voice, video and internet access with speeds up to 1 Gbps.

Cimarron Telephone – $5,492,137 ReConnect Grant2022-04-06T10:26:52-05:00

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative – $24,299,824 ReConnect Grant

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Inc. is a certificated local exchange carrier providing broadband service to 76 exchanges in western Oklahoma. Pioneer is located in Kingfisher, OK and currently provides high speed broadband, wireless mobile, wireless fixed data, long distance, wireline voice and video services directly or through one of its subsidiaries.

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative – $24,299,824 ReConnect Grant2022-04-06T10:20:27-05:00
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