Wireless technology is often the most feasible option for many rural locations. We assist in any or every phase of a wireless project, whether it is troubleshooting a system or designing a new wireless network. From funding and site acquisition to licensing, construction oversight, and final testing, we will provide a project management plan that fits your specific needs. Following is a list of our services:

Frequency Auctions

  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Upcoming Auction Notification
  • FCC Proposed Auctions
  • Auction Services

Business Plans

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Propagation
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Tower Specifications

Network and RF Engineering

  • AWS
  • Cellular/PCS
  • Microwave (licensed and unlicensed)
    • Passive Reflector Design
  • Path Analysis
  • LTE
  • Paging
  • 365, 600 and 700 MHz
  • Microwave Relocation
  • Grounding Analysis
  • Frequency Coordination
  • LMDS
  • Plans and Specifications for Mobile Switching and Base Station Equipment
  • MPE Studies
  • CBRS Analysis

Project Management

  • Wireless Site/Land Acquisition
  • Assessment and Evaluations of Bids and Quotes
  • Coordinate Installation with Contractor
  • Contract Management
  • Construction Oversight
  • Structural Loading Requirements
  • Antenna Mount Retrofitting for Existing Structures
  • Drive Tests

FAA and FCC Licensing and Environmental Compliance


  • Extension Agreements
  • Roaming Agreements
  • Tower Leasing
  • Traffic Transport (backhaul and fronthaul)