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At its inception, Monte R. Lee & Company was founded to provide consulting and engineering services to telecommunications companies that supply services to rural areas throughout the United States.


FAA & FCC Licensing

Each wireless project has its own set of regulatory challenges, and we have a successful history in navigating those challenges. Whether it is simply to replace an old tower structure or implementing a new communications network that spans multiple states, we will bid on a spectrum in an FCC auction, file structures with the FAA, register antenna structures with the FCC, and monitor any changes in the federal regulations that impact your network.


We take central office operations seriously

If the CO isn’t functioning well (IP or TDM), then the entire system isn’t functioning at an optimal level. Therefore, we investigate problem areas, recommend cost-effective replacements, or design a new system that works best with your service area demands. Our services extend beyond the traditional telephone CO to include other industries requiring more efficient internal communications networks back to data centers (either fixed locations or cloud-based services). These other industries include electric cooperatives, oil and gas companies, local and tribal governments, schools, hospitals and banks.

Providing consulting and engineering services for over 43 years in the telecommunications industry.

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