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Current Openings

Senior RF Telecommunications Engineer – Perform RF designs for 3G/4G and 5G fixed and mobile broadband networks and unlicensed fixed wireless networks with base station equipment and CPE utilizing proprietary protocols. Optimize the end-to-end RF design, propagation modeling and prediction of Macro Cell deployment.  Determine equipment and power configurations on a variety of equipment manufacturers.  Work with eNB/RAN and UE teams on RF solutions including modifications to RF link budgets on a per site level basis to meet operations requirements. Perform microwave path design for new networks including proposing new locations and designing paths with passive repeaters.  Work directly with client and MRL management to establish design criteria, link budget and traffic analysis for network design and update existing performance parameters for ongoing improvements. Manage projects/ processes. Write technical reports.  Coach, train, review and assist in the work of lower-level professionals.  Establish and maintain operational plans that will have an impact on the achievement of functional results.  Develop solutions to complex RF Engineering issues that require the use of ingenuity and innovation. May recommend changes to procedures and/or policies, as needed. Review and participate in FCC advocacy projects. Remain knowledgeable of FCC rules.  Work with Forsk Atoll, Windcatcher, Actix, Accuver, MS Outlook/Word/Excel, and BQE Core. Work site: Oklahoma City, OK.