CBRS Analysis

MRL provide services to different clients from rural wireless providers ranging from regional carriers to WISPs. CBRS spectrum analysis is one of the services that we can offer to ensure that providers have a good understanding and ready for up coming auction 105 (June 2020). The service can be tailored to fit the needs of each wireless providers. Here are some supports that we are offering;

• Equipment overview available for deployment from various vendors.






• Development a high level design analysis based on proposed area and cost for installation

• Determine coverage requirement to satisfy build out requirement for PAL.

• Analysis of potential Interference: Interference coming from grandfathered incumbents and operators whose licenses expire beyond 2020 with mitigation remedy.

• Analysis of CBRS deployment options: Determined if deployment should be PAL and/or GAA with pro and cons. This also include exploring existing deployment and how to migrate to CBRS effectively and efficiently.

• Auction Strategy: Provide strategy and understanding of how the auction works for those who have not participated in prior auctions

• Competitive Analysis: Level of competitive in each county will be illustrated and how it will potentially affect auction price. Current 3650 providers will be used as
basis and combine with regional and national operators’ level of interest.

• Price Projection Analysis: Since CBRS auction will be highly anticipated by regional and national providers, the analysis will provide a high level projections of the call per PAL license block