Pioneer Connect- $24,952,007 ReConnect 3 Grant

This Rural Development investment will be used to deploy a fiber-to-the-premises network to connect 3,570 people, 558 farms and 72 businesses to high-speed internet in Benton, Lane, Lincoln, and Polk counties in Oregon. Pioneer Telephone Cooperative will make high-speed internet affordable by participating in the FCC's Affordable Connectivity and Lifeline

Pioneer Connect- $24,952,007 ReConnect 3 Grant2023-07-05T16:09:21-05:00

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative – $3M Community Connect Grant

Pioneer Connect is proposing to deliver fiber to the home for 48 residential locations in the PFSA. Based on the average household size in Oregon, this project will serve approximately 125 people through the new fiber locations. This project is essential to the long-term prosperity of the PFSA, and will

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative – $3M Community Connect Grant2022-04-04T14:43:50-05:00

Casco Communications – $6,607,633/$6,607,633 ReConnect Combo

Casco Communications is a certificated local exchange carrier providing broadband service to areas of   west central Oregon. The ReConnect grant will provide Casco the opportunity to provide broadband service to 1,030 customers in rural areas inside the PFSA. The ReConnect application includes 197 miles of fiber with GPON FTTH electronics.

Casco Communications – $6,607,633/$6,607,633 ReConnect Combo2022-04-06T11:18:17-05:00
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