MRL has developed procedures to map, identify test phones(s) and apps, and perform data test collection training to successfully complete post processing and data upload for the MF II Challenge Process. MRL is ready to provide all or a portion of the services listed below.


  • Base map illustrating all census based roads to identify Km2 with 75 percent coverage
  • Map of carriers overlap indicating carrier(s) to test by Km2
  • Identify order of drivable test by Km2 for data collection drivers
  • Build QGIS road file for testers to follow to ensure all roads are covered (used on separate computer during driving)
  • Develop a dashboard map illustrating areas tested and indicating Km2 are successfully tested

Identify Test Phone

  • Determine phone(s) and plans to purchase
  • Setup testing application on phone and provide proven test intervals to maximize testing capabilities based on speed of travel

Data Collector Training

  • Provide hiring assistance for drive tester’s and or tester training onsite for client’s staff
  • MRL set up GPS tracking computer and added hardware necessary to provide route maps

Data Collection and Upload Service

  • Provide methods to send test data collected in the field to MRL for post processing and uploading to USAC web portal
  • Provide feedback to drivers on areas not qualified by roads with detail maps giving testers other means to collect test not drivable