At its inception, Monte R. Lee & Company was founded to provide consulting and engineering services to Tier 3 telephone companies that supply services to rural areas throughout the United States. Many of these small companies had limited resources, and in many cases, large territories to cover. Yet, they filled critical service gaps between larger telecommunications corporations in urban areas.

Today, in the ever-changing telecommunications industry and landscape, Monte R. Lee & Company continues to serve our rural clients by offering a host of services that keep pace with shifting demographics, new and emerging technologies, and the latest regulatory policies. As the internet and reliance on data transfer have become the backbone of all infrastructure systems, we also provide these same services to other industries and organizations, including electric cooperatives and energy companies, as well as municipalities and Native American governments, who are looking to strengthen their internal communications systems.

Our licensed professional engineering services include broadband and wireless network designs (Fiber-to- the-Home, VoIP, softswitching, etc.), transport, wireless (fixed and mobile), outside plant operations, and field testing.

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