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On July 6th the FCC released DA 18-710 describing its new rules for CAF Testing. WTA members can join the webinar to learn what the FCC has planned and how the requirements for testing will affect rural companies receiving ACAM and BLS. The Webinar is an update providing a snapshot as to what tests are needed, when the tests need to be completed, how many test locations are required, and the different options available to the carrier to perform these tests.

The FCC CAF Testing Webinar Update will provide a solid foundation for WTA members to use when planning with their vendors to prepare the network and assist staffing with the required testing when implemented by the FCC.

The “CAF Testing Update: What You Need to Know to Begin” Webinar is presented by Lynn R. Merrill, P.E. President/CEO and Carl Akin, Staff Consultant with Monte R. Lee and Company. Monte R. Lee & Company is a Consulting Engineering firm that provides engineering services to companies in rural America.

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